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Mattel trademarks Stretch Armstrong for videogames

As classic action figures go, no one reached tall shelves, hugged wide trees or rocked a thong quite like '70s superstar Stretch Armstrong. It's fitting then, that in Mattel's ongoing quest to cash in on our childhoods, it has filed a trademark to use the stretchable hero ain future videogame revival.

If made, odds are a Stretch Armstrong game will coincide with the new 3D Stretch Armstrong movie slated for 2012 (starring Twilight's Taylor Lautner, hurray!). Following this assumption, Mattel may not be eyeing a full release, but rather an iOS tie-in or bite-sized console download. Either way, there's been no confirmation if Stretch's dog Fetch or his evil brother Wretch have been approached to star in either. And what of '90s villain Vac Man??

I imagine Stretch Armstrong to be the John Travolta of action figures; a former 70s star waiting for a Pulp Fiction project to launch him back into the spotlight. Will the upcoming game and moviebe Stretch's twist at Jack Rabbit Slim's? Probably not. Should I stop trying to shoehorn obscure Quentin Tarantino references into video game stories? Probably...yes.\

Side note - everyone's saying Mattel wants to push this game out, but near as we can tell, Kenner owns Stretch Armstrong. Kenner is owned by Hasbro, which is Mattel's biggest competitor. Ancient toy detectives, assemble!


Mar 16, 2011

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