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Massive Ninja Gaiden 2 movie - demo soon

A whole lot of stuff on the bound-to-be-awesome Ninja Gaiden 2 has just been revealed at GDC.

Microsoft is thrusting for a June release of the Xbox 360 exclusive action game and you can new screens right hereand a six minute video of awesome right here:

Did we mention that this game looks hot?

During Microsoft's conference, it was revealed that there'll be a Saved Film feature in the final game, which we can only presume is similar to that in Halo 3.That June release is far earlier than we expected though.

We'll say it before you do though: It's not hard - you're just playing it wrong.

There'll a demo 'coming soon' as well, according to Marketplace. How soon we don't know, but we know we can't wait.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 21, 2008