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Mass Effect 2 PS3 to be released January 18

The PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 has been given an official release date - the space operawill light up the world of Sonyloyalists in US on January 18. And though the original Mass Effect never came out on the console,that shouldn't stop those who only own PS3s from picking up what was one of the most spectacular Xbox 360 exclusives.

When PS3 gamers pop in Mass Effect 2 for the first time, they'll read through a digital comic which offers an overview of the back-story from the original game, and lets them influence the way Mass Effect 2 will start.

As they read through the interactive comic version of Mass Effect, they'll make choices at key points during the story. These choices will be factored into Mass Effect 2 with the same algorithm that was used in the Xbox 360 version's save game import feature.

The comic has been designed exclusively for the PS3, but beyond that there isn't much in the way of console-exclusive features. PS3 owners will, however, get a lot of free content that Xbox 360 users had to pay for. All of the 360 DLC will be included with the PS3 version of the game.

If you've missed BioWare's brilliant space RPG because of console exclusivity, now's your chance. The holidays are all about coming together, right?


Dec 10, 2010