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Marvel vs Capcom 3: Everything there is to know

At first, you may take that news as a negative. After all, MvC2, a game made 10 years ago, had nearly 60 playable fighters, so why wouldn’t a new game made for more powerful hardware have at least that many? The answer actually reveals how frugal Capcom was with the entire Vs series – MvC2 was filled with almost nothing but existing sprites pulled from several other fighting games. With MvC3, they have to build entirely new models out of a whole new cast of characters, which is obviously a huge undertaking. Still, producer Ryota Niitsuma said the team is shooting for at least 30 playable heroes and villains.

Tyrant's definitely not in it

Above: Not Tyrant

Obviously Capcom’s not about to spill the beans on the entire roster, but during an open Q&A the devs admitted that Resident Evil villain Tyrant was considered and then dropped from the list. We can only speculate on the other characters (Spider-Man? Dur, he’s in there), though the two opening logos from the trailer all but confirm Chun Li and someone from Marvel who uses a sword. Could be it be Deadpool?

As for who COULD be in or out, both companies are eager to bring some new faces into the mix, especially those who’ve become more relevant since the last game. That said, it won’t be the same without a Mango Sentinel.

Above: F*ck the Knicks!

We’re huge, huge fans of the Vs series and will keep our eyes keenly focused on all further updates to what’s surely one of the most requested games of all time. Look for more during E3 2010, which takes place June15 through 17. Until then, please enjoy: