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Mario and Sonic continue to train in new trailer for Februarys 3DS version of London Olympics

Sonic and Mario buried the hatchet years ago in the name of friendship, camaraderie, and selling millions of copies of the resulting crossover games. The two mascots and their pals continued that tradition with last year’s London Olympics game on the Wii, but that was only half the equation. Next month the series comes to the 3DS for the first time, and this new trailer shows how things are different on the handheld.

Obviously this is far from a Wii port as it has tons of minigames of its own with controls that make us wonder just how gimmicky things like gyroscope rowing and blowing to swim will feel after the first hour. At least Sega is taking advantage of all the system’s abilities, and we hope the 3DS version has some London-themed minigames like the Wii game did; perhaps involving tea boiling and the Queen’s jewels. The game hits 3DS February 10 in Europe and February 14 in the US.

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