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Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthough: how to survive The Last Resort and defeat all the ghosts

The Last Resort goes Green with Our Garden Floor (7F)

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Located on the 7th Floor, our Garden Suites feature elegant greenery within and around each and every room, including a giant centerpiece tree that was brought it and nurtured by our very own Dr. Potter all the way from Kongo Bongo Island. You'll want to see, feel, and experience this gift from nature. 

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Ok, Luigi, this is another big one. Careful walking up the stairs on this floor, it doesn't look very sturdy. You've got to get the next elevator button so get going! Start walking up the stairs, use the blue vines or swing with your Poltergust using hanging vines if there is a gap in the stairs. Head into the first room that you see. 

Feel free to suck up all these petals, Luigi. You never know what they hide. Head out when you're done. Be careful with these next stairs, dodge the giant fruit as they bounced down the stairs. Time your steps carefully! Pull the cord attached to it once you get next to it. That should destroy it. 

Head into that hole in the way, clear out whatever you can in the room. Including the toilet by smashing it with the trash can. You're a plumber, right?

Dodge the bouncing fruit again, careful there are two big ones this time. Do the same thing and pull the chord once you're up there. Head into the next room! Whoa, what is that? A buzzsaw? I think you might be able to grab that with the Poltergust to help you clear the vines (You can probably get rid of everything else with it too). Do so and head into the next room! Ah careful, it's just a vine that grabbed you. Use Gooigi to help cut you free. Welcome to the jungle I guess. 

Those are some big watermelons in the bathroom. You'll need both Luigi and Gooigi to help clear the way. Use your plunger suction cups! Once you're outside, use your Poltergust to unravel the vine, creating a path for you. This should lead you to the mushroom suite. Once inside use your Poltergust to push the cart up to the ramp. Walk up the ramp and jump on the mushroom with the vacuum jump. 

Keep doing that until you get up onto the next level, once there head out of the room. I hate mushrooms, Luigi! Use all the vines to head across the floor hear, look! A Venus Fly Trap! Use both Gooigi and Luigi to pull the thing open with your Poltergeists!

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Dr. Potter is incredibly knowledgeable about everything green within The Last Resort. Be sure to schedule a tour if you're interested in grooming your own green thumb. 

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This guy looks like a pushover, Luigi. He spends all day in the garden right? Wait until he strikes you with his plant attack and dodge it so he hits the glowing, hard plants. That should get them stuck. Then use that buzzsaw to chop them up. He should be vulnerable after that so stun and capture him!

Grab that button and get ready for the next floor!

Learn About How Movies are made right here at The Last Resort (8F)

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The movie industry isn't just in Hollywood, we have our own Tower of Terror right here in The Last Resort! See our director-in-residence Morty shoot daring rescues, epic battles, and horrific tales of doom and gloom. With state-of-the-art studios and equipment, there is no better place to see movie magic happen. 

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Head into the studio, to the right, and then down the hall into the main room! That ghost doesn't seem to threatening, huh, Luigi? I think he's just looking for his megaphone. But where could it be? Let's check the four different movie sets to see if we can find it. There it is in the lifesize desk set, stuck in the spiderweb! We'll need to do some work to get that down. 

Go and grab the bucket from the directors room and get to the horror set in the well. Make sure to activate and travel through the TV sets, you won't be able to carry items around between rooms any other way! Drop the bucket in the well once you're there, turn into Luigi and activate the camera, press R3 to put Gooigi in front of the camera. Oh my! A star is born. 

The shot should zoom in slowly until the bucket pops out of the well full of water. Bingo! Take the bucket through the TV and into the fantasy set. Do the same thing to put Gooigi in front of the camera. Use a bucket of water to grow the plant next to the stone tower. Climb up and grab the torch there. 

Take the torch through the TVs and into the fire set, activate the camera and use the fire to light the torch with Gooigi. Then finally take the burning torch into the final set and burn the spider web with the flame. The megaphone is yours, er, the directors, I mean. Go ahead and give it back to him!

A Last Resort Classic

I'm sure our resident film buffs know all about The Last Resort's chapter in cinema history. Yoshi 2: The Dinosaur 2 was shot right here on the 8th floor by the one and only Morty. Come up and see the set where it all happened during your stay. 

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OK Luigi, time to prove that you're the star that's been on camera all night! It's boss fight time. Looks like director wasn't the nice guy we thought he was. Watch out for this ghost-kaiju's slow fireballs and blow back his other attack with the Poltergust. You'll need to do that two more times, except it's too strong for just you. Use Gooigi too! Position yourself next to the ghost before he attacks and then use both Poltergusts to blow the fireball back at him. 

Once you do that three times you can capture the regular ghost. Head to the directors room to capture that pesky director too! Take the button and get ready for the next floor!

Careful of the Wildlife!

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What's a cat doing around here? I guess it comes with the territory. Follow it to get the button it stole back! It's a cat, so you have to be coy with it. I've seen these before. Once you stun it for the first time it'll turn into a snarling beast, Luigi!

It'll start stalking you from high above, wait for it to get right behind you and stun it again right before it strikes. Don't do it too soon or i'll run away! Do that a few times, the Polter Kitty, as I call it, with run onto the fire set and down to the 7th floor. Chase it down and pull off it's three tails to get that button back! Use your dark light if you lose track of it. 

Dive into History (9F)

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There's nothing quite like taking a walk through time, exploring a world where dinosaurs lived among the forests and lakes. We'll take you there with a visit to our Unnatural History Museum on the 9th Floor. It's perfect for those looking to learn a few things or two before their trip into the afterlife. 

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I have a bad feeling about this floor Luigi, I think something big is coming. Walk carefully! This is a small floor and you won't be able to get into a lot of these exhibits until you explore the whole thing. Head back to the main room! Through either side hallway and then open those curtains with your Poltergust. 

I knew it, a T-Rex, I bet you that thing is going to come to life. Yup! I know it. 

Small dino eggs will pop out around the dinosaur, grab them and shoot one into its mouth and the second into its chest. That should hurt it! You won't have enough eggs for the whole fight, though. Once you run out send Gooigi out there to get chewed on. Don't worry! He can't feel pain. It'll be just a tickle, I designed him after all!

Grab some of the bones that fall off and shoot the dinosaur when he's chewing on Gooigi. Eventually that should knock out whatever ghost is possessing him. A caveman? Didn't see that coming! Wait for him to him to slam his club into the ground, dodge the shockwave with a vacuum jump, and then stun and capture him. Easy, right? 

Look, it's Toad. Use the Dark Light to free him and head back to the elevator. 

Plumbing and Maintenance Requests (B2)

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Please note that you can request a quick fix on any issue you may have, from a low-pressure toilet flush to a fault light bulb, by talking to any member of the staff. Our crew at the lowest floor will get right on it.

Please note that the boiler room, which is directly below the basement, is completely off limits during your stay at The Last Resort. 

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Hop out of the elevator and head towards the nearby doors Luigi, but remember that Gooigi can't walk through water so you'll need to go first or find a way to turn the water off. Whose that, a mechanic?  Ahh we have to capture him! Looks like he's run through that heavy door and changed the water level. We'll have to take the long way around.  

That flap on the wall looks fake, vacuum it up and send Luigi through the pipe behind it. I can see the key up above on the other end of this pipe. Then head through the next door. 

Head down the hall, send Gooigi go down the pipe into the level below. Then turn the valves so that the first few streams of water stop. Then have Gooigi move forward. Then turn the valves back, Luigi, and have Gooigi finish going the rest of the way. In the next room have both Luigi and Gooigi stand on the buttons near the fan to activate it. 

Have Gooigi blow the fan and have Luigi hop on the platform as it spins. Stop when you create a path to the next door. Go through it and hop onto the floaty duck, use the vacuum to push yourself in different directions. You'll need to float down the sewers, occasionally using Gooigi to go through pipes and open three separate gates for you. Just make sure to avoid spikes, ghost sharks, and other hazards. Popping the ducky will send you back!

Gooigi will have to go through pipes, dodge streams of water, and open up doors for you, Luigi. Be careful near the third gate, ghost sharks will charge you. Go around the buoy on the side they don't go on to dodge them and get through that last gate!

You need to turn the power back on to help capture that mechanic. You need to get Gooigi through this maze of pipes and up to the top Luigi! Turn the valves to create a path for him, you'll have to turn some once he's already on his way up too. Once Gooigi is on top, use his plunger to pull the lever!

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 Ok, we've made it to him, so it's time to take this mechanic down, Luigi.

This is a tricky fight Luigi, this mechanic is an expert tuber! He's going to drop explosives, try to push him into his own blasts to stun him. Then push him into the spikes on the edge of the pool! Use your Poltergust to push him but be careful not to run into the spikes yourself. Once he hits them he'll fly out of the water. Run out of the water to stun and capture him! Do that a few times. Then grab that button! You'll have to be quick about it. 

Exploring Ancient Egypt (10F)

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Pharaohs and Pyramids make up one of the most fascinating parts of history and you can get a taste of it right here at The Last Resort. See mummified rulers and ancient pottery that line our very own great pyramid on the 10th floor.

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OK Luigi, don't waste too much time exploring this huge pit of sand, just get out of the elevator and head straight for the pyramid! Touch the statue on the left side of the door for it to open. Head inside and open up that sarcophagus. 

Luigi, are you ok? That was a nasty fall Good thing you had sand below you or I'd have to do the rest of this myself! Quick, vacuum up that sand and touch that statue. Then use your vacuum jump to push the sand next to that exit. Walk up it and get out of there!

If you get attacked by a mummy, make the ghost charge you by using a flashlight, dodge it, then suck up it's wrapping! It's just a normal ghost inside. 

Looks like we have a few puzzles to solve before we can get out of this mess. Head into the room on the right. Head up to the statue in the corner and touch it. Other statues will pop up shooting lasers. They aren't aiming at you, just the chains holding a giant slab of rock above you. Build hills next to each platform in the side (using ZL + ZR vacuum jump) and then vacuum jump on the platforms themselves. This will stop the lasers. 

Next up on the other side of the main room is a puzzle with a giant scale, Luigi. Use the various objects in the room to match whatever animal is on display. The more items you put on the further the scale will go to the right. It's an alligator, scorpion, and then an elephant. Match the weight of all three to finish the puzzle. It should take two golden figures and a vase, a gold figure and vase, and four golden figures, respectively, to get the right weight each time. 

Lastly is a room full of poison, so you'll need to be quick Luigi. You see those shapes in the wall, a circle, square, and triangle? Find the respective shapes on the ground and shoot them into the holes. You got this!

That should be enough to get you an exit out of this Tomb Luigi, so head back to the main room and get out of there! Be quick after you climb up the ladder, these stairs are booby trapped! Run! 

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Elegance Preserved

Pharoah Serpci has been preserved in The Last Resort for hundreds of years, watching over each and every resident inside for the rest of their earthly residence in our lovely establishment. Be sure to take time to visit her exquisite tomb. 

(Image credit: Nintendo)

I knew this wouldn't be easy Luigi. Be careful! This Pharaoh is no joke! She's taken the form of a huge sand monster, use your Poltergust to suck away most of her body of sand before she'll shed her shield. Do that while avoiding her attacks and dodge using the vacuum jump when necessary. 

Once you've removed her outer shell, she'll attack with four snakes. Use the vacuum jump right as she attacks to get rid of the snakes, careful with your timing. Then you can stun and capture her! Doing that a few times should do the trick.