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Lost Crossover To Resurrect FlashForwards Fortunes

The climax of Lost won’t be the end, as the Island is set to become part of FlashForward ’s plot arc

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a billboard advertising Oceanic Airlines in the pilot of FlashForward . Now it seems that those people who speculated that this was more than an in-joke, and that the two shows were in a shared universe, were correct. has revealed that characters and concepts from Lost will be carried over to FlashForward after Lost ’s finalé in a desperate attempt to revive the new show’s flagging ratings.

Although the site’s source doesn’t give any info on how Lost will finally end, it is understood that the Island will be discovered by the characters in FlashForward , along with some Lost cast members, when investigations into the Island’s unusual properties lead Mark Benford and co to suspect it has something to do with the blackouts. Who those Lost cast members might be, the source does not reveal, but hints, “it probably won’t be the top-liners… but some of the support characters who have become more and more popular as Lost has gone on – the likes of Richard Alpert, Miles and Lapidus. Alan Dale is almost a shoe-in – Widmore is a character who'd slip effortlessly into the FlashForward world.” Yeah, and Alan Dale will appear in anything.

Allegedly, the Island will make it’s first appearance in FlashForward in the penultimate episode of the season, leading to a crossover-tastic season climax.

So can the Lost connection resurrect FlashForward ’s ratings? And will any of the Lost cast go, “Hang on, that guy looks just like Charlie!” Or is it all just a foolish misdirection?