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LittleBigRipoff: New iPhone game is begging for a lawsuit

We know the pace of those week-long iPhone development cycles can be rough, but surely you have time to come up with your own characters, or at the very least, run them past a attorney? Apparently not, sinceSuperfall, an unremarkable gravity game from the makers of materpieces like Blimp and Annoying Sounds, thudded onto iPhone this week without a care as toitsoverwhelming resemblance to some of PlayStation’s most recognizable mascots.

Above: Yeah, a couple of stickers and calling them "Ragdolls" should keep Sony's lawyer's at bay...

Now, we're more than aware that the whole point of LBP is to create your own characters using provided textures and materials. Butwe highly doubt Media Molecule intended on allowingthem to be rippedoutofLittleBigPlanet to sell crap oniTunes for profit. Can't wait to see how this plays out!

Apr 7, 2010