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Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 video shows your evil droid buddy and the Emperor's Sentinel

A leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 video has given us a good look at the game's droid, as well as some gameplay, and the Emperor's Sentinel. 

It's super brief, clocking in at 13 seconds but there's some interesting things to look at. Let's check out the video first and then pick out the two main bits of new info. 

So that's the video, now let's take a look at what that means, and break down the two main things it shows off: 

That's one of the Emperor's Sentinels, not the Emperor himself

The Sentinels are canon to the Star Wars universe, and first appeared in the comic Shattered Empire, which deals with the aftermath of Return of the Jedi. They're modified robots that carried prerecorded messages from the Emperor in the event of his death, and were mainly concerned with delivering his contingency plans (which was mainly 'wreck everything'.) Part of this included 'Operation Cinder', referenced in Battlefront 2, a plan to destroy numerous key worlds in the Empire. 

You've got you own evil, Rebel shocking Empire droid

In the single player campaign, the hero Iden Versio will have her own droid. We know DICE are angling this robot as just as much a character as BB-8 or R2, just with an evil Empire background. It will have its own upgrade options alongside Iden, although what those options will be beyond the action/stealth divide remains to be seen. Here we can see it hacking a door and stunning a Rebel soldier.  

Those are the main things on display in that clip although this brief snippet of gameplay does seem to show a single player mission involving an AT-AT on some sort of rocky planet. Guess away where that might be...

There's a ton more information from when we went to see Star Wars Battlefront 2 and talk to DICE, plus here's everything we know about Star War Battlefront 2 so far.

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