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Kojima tweets demo of Fox Engine's facial rendering capabilities

Twitter is the perfect medium for Hideo Kojima: it's popular, pithy, idiosyncratic and ripe for misunderstanding %26ndash; just like the Metal Gear maestro, who likes to use the platform to share glimpses of whatever he's working on. HK's Twitter feedrecently became the medium of choice for sharing several demo shots of Kojima Productions' Fox Engine, the multiplatform tool Kojima hopes to develop into %26ldquo;the world's top engine.%26rdquo;

Having released some glimpses of the engine's ability to render foliage (a must for existing Kojima titles) and horses (doubtless a pivotal point in future escapades), Kojima this week shared a series of shots highlighting the engine's facial rendering abilities, showing equal prowess at depicting %26ldquo;stoicism,%26rdquo; %26ldquo;indecision%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;football hooliganism.%26rdquo; Kojima stressed that the shots use temporary shaders %26ndash; explaining the dodgy discolored lighting %26ndash; and that the character depicted is no relation to Volgin from Snake Eater (really, shame on anyone who thought the series could only accommodate one scar-faced sourpuss). He then proceeded to mock his own creation for the existential hinterland in which it semi-resides, because he's still Hideo goddamn Kojima, don't you forget.

Aug 18, 2011

Source: Andriasang