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Kinect gets blinged out with 5,000 Swarovski crystals, becomes massive eyesore

Usually when you cover something in crystals, it looks glitzy, glamorous, and awesome. But Kinect is an oddly shaped, clunky gadget, so we have to question DSstyle's decision to create a crystal-encrusted version of the Xbox motion camera.

We don't see it on the design company's website yet, and the press release doesn't mention a price, but what you're looking at is an ordinary Kinect camera plastered with more than 5,000 silver Swarovski crystals, a few red crystals to imprint the "DS" name (referring to the designer, not the Nintendo handheld), and some purple ones overlaying the Xbox 360 imprint.

"DSstyles is dedicated to present a luxury, shining, distinctive Kinect in an extraordinary way," said the company in a statement.

The product was put together by a Japanese designer, referred to only as Mr. Takahiro, who spent 108 hours setting the crystals by hand. You too can have this monstrosity, either as is or customized to your own personal preferences.

DSstyles is also known for its crystallized iPhone and Blackberry cases, as well as custom crystallization of just about anything you want. Its collection of Swarovski iPad cases, as an example, carry list prices of more than $600.

We'll probably pass on this one for now. If you really need to add some bling to your Xbox experience, DSstyle'scrystal 360 consoleis much less of an eye strain.

Dec 20, 2010