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It Takes Two is a new co-op adventure from Josef Fares

(Image credit: Hazelight)

It Takes Two is the brand new game from Josef Fares and his studio Hazelight, and has been fully revealed in the EA Play livestream.

"My new game, It Takes Two, is a co-op action-adventure platformer that will blow your f*cking mind away," states Josef Fares, in typical Fares style. 

The story starts out in a small house, with Cody and May as the parents to Rose. She recently found out that her parents are getting divorced. Unable to cope with the situation, she makes two little doll versions of her parents from wood and clay. 

But, these dolls come to life, and the rest of the game lets you control both these dolls with co-op gameplay, and control their emotions. Fares explains that there are certain levels within the game where the team have made game mechanics from the emotions, which Fares claims will make the experience very fresh for players.

"In video games there's so much to be explored from a storytelling perspective," explains Fares. "There are some studios out there with stories that pretty much have one mechanic that they use all the time, so it feels like the designers and the story writers are doing two different games. That's why I founded Hazelight, to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in games."

And apparently, it's going to be quite the experience to play It Takes Two involving a rollercoaster of emotions that is equivalent to the rollercoaster crashing, sending you into space and eventually coming back to earth again...

However, we'll find out what exactly that means when the game launches in 2021. 

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