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iPhone game of the day: Transformers: G1 Awakening

Transformers: G1 Awakeningplays like a loving tribute tothe space-bots'greatest generation. There's a vast cast of Autobots and Decepticons (though the 'cons are only playable in arena mode). Plus, unlike the film's offensive-not-funnytake on Skids and Mudflap,thelittlecontinuity tweakshere and thereusually add to the experience instead of hurting it.

For example, titanic walking Autobotbattle stationMetroplex isn't nearly as gigantic as he is innormal continuity, and he can spew out not just three specific characters (Sixgun, Slammer and Scamper in the original toy line), but a whole range of Autobot reinforcements like Grimlok, Jetfire, and Sunstreaker.Which, unless your nerd rage is overpowering, isn't enough of an inconsistency to spoil the fact that he's present in the game in the first place. [Note:if you're the type tostart nerd ragingthat they screwed up and calledthe blue/purple cassette tapeFrenzy and the red/black oneRumble, be aware that this isn't a mistake - it's how theoriginal toys' packagingactually was.]

True, the gameplay itself isn't terribly challenging, even though evil robot T-rex Trypticon isso overpoweredit'salmost comical. But Transformers: G1 Awakening isn't about strategic depth. It's aboutfan service, andthere's morethan enoughof that here to leave usaching for more.

Above: The wide-angle view gives you a good view, but it can be tough to tap the right square. Zoom in to make sure your tapping is on target.

Above: Bastard. Robot dino bastard.

May 31, 2010