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iPhone game of the day: GeoDefense: Swarm

Game: GeoDefense: Swarm
Price: $1.99 / £1.19
Size: 7.4 MB
Buy it now on the iTunes storeUS/UK

Fact:The App Store issaturated with sucky tower defense games. However, just because every developer craps out some sort of "build things to stop the advancing horde" for Apple'shandheld funbox doesn't mean there aren't some great ones available. With a neon-lit, Geometry Wars-inspired look and a well-crafted arsenal of units,GeoDefense: Swarm is stylish and deep enough to captivate us on any platform.

Above: Feast your eyes on the controlled chaos of a perfectly crafted death trap. Die, purple stars! Die!

The gameplay in GeoDefense: Swarm isn't revolutionary, but it is compelling and challenging. The enemy "creeps" marchrelentlessly towardthe doorway you need to protect,and you'll have toerect towers, turrets, and thumpers - often withnigh-perfect placement and efficiency - to wipe out each and every wave. However, although it's challenging, we have yet to reach a "wall" - one of those levels in which the enemy wins so consistently and completely thatyou simply can't imagine how to win. Victoryalways seems close enough that you want to try one more time.

There is also variety here. Some levels feature complex paths complete with natural choke points, so victory hinges upon placing a few select structures in a few select locations. Other levels are almost completely wide open,leaving youto construct your owngauntlet of lasers, cannons, and missile towers from scratch, forcing the enemy to twist and turn throughyour custom-craftedmaze of doom for as long as possible before reaching your tender base. Sure, GeoDefense: Swarm is still a tower defense game, but it's one with enough fashion sense and polish that youstill feel like a real gamer whileplaying it.

Above:Green Blaster towersand enemy-slowing purple Thump towers are a cheap way toerect artificial walls,channeling thecreeps down longer, more damagingroutes.

June 01, 2010

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