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Amazing game crossovers imagined as striking fan art

Pokemon Hill

The most disturbing Pokemon can easily give the mutated horror of Silent Hill a run for their money in the skin-crawling creepiness department. But the horrific details on these monsters--especially the stitched-up, facially deformed Exeggutor--are pitch perfect.

Artist credit: dislakeThep

Resident Evil Kart

Chris may be in the lead for now, but just wait until Wesker picks up a Blue Rocket Launcher. The courses would probably be quite similar to the Luigi's Mansion track, but with all the gore of an M-rating!

Artist credit: Jaehthebird

Scout Man

Have Dr. Wily and the Administrator teamed forces? I don't know--but only this speedy boy from Boston has the power and the baseball bat to stop them. How would double-jumping affect classic Mega Man gameplay, anyhow?

Artist credit: AgentMidnight

Metal Gear: Solid Ekans

Ekans? EKANS?! EKAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!!! I wonder if he works for Team Rocket instead of FOXHOUND.

Artist credit: Tyler Scott (Tydanubus)

Sora in Hyrule

Peep that Master Sword/Triforce Keyblade! I'm picturing Donald dressed as Impa and Goofy done up like a Goron as they fight by Sora's side.

Artist credit: TheDeviantArchitect

Super Street Fighter Bros.

By the GODS! Look at the killer thighs on Princess Chun-Li! The Ryu/Ken color combos work like a charm, as does Ryu's Fire Flower Hadoken. And when you think about it, Mario and Luigi are basically Shoryuken-ing all the blocks they breaks with their fists as it is.

Artist credit: torokun

The Battle of Legends

One's a beloved, E-rated smart aleck who's saved dragonkind countless times. The other is the Last Dragonborne, a merciless Nord who has harnessed the souls of many slain dragons. Two enter. Only one shall live.

Artist credit: Nathan Lowndes (IceDragonhawk)

The Same Angry Eyes

Raziel and Asura are two badass mofos who don't get nearly enough mainstream recognition. And like the name of the piece suggests, their eyes are similarly whited out and glowing (presumably by vengeful rage).

Artist credit: quiet-Disturbance

The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of Tingle

The horror... and the wonderment! It's a nice touch to have the Master Sword shining light directly towards Colossus-Tingle's gigantic crotch bulge.

Artist credit: torokun

That's all... for now

Pretty impressive, right? Hope you enjoyed all these excellent pieces of crossover fan art; maybe you're feeling inspired to make your own. I'll leave you with one more work from Yhrite, because it's just too good (though a Spy with Possession vigors would be crazy overpowered). If you have any other personal favorite pieces of fan art, share them in the comments below!

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Artist credit: Yhrite

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