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Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt gushes over Street Fighter II

Despite having released two weeks ago, Christopher Nolan's Inception is still on the tip of everyone's tongue. Hell, it's still a trending topic on Twitter, one of the most fleeting portals of pop culture in the world. And what did one of its main stars have to say when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon last week? That he thinks Street Fighter II is every bit as strategic as chess, and that he spent his first round of hard-earned commercial money on his own arcade machine.

Above: The whole clip is only 4:39, but the relevant parts start around 2 minutes in

Props to Joseph Gordon-Levitt for giving some videogame legitimacy to the masses. The more people speak out about games in a passionate, informed way, the more likely others are to give it a chance as a serious medium. Plus it's just cool to see a celebrity talk about games with clear understanding. Now here's hoping he's cast asThe Riddler...

Thanks toCapcom Unityfor the catch!