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How Total War Saga: Troy uses the infamous Trojan Horse

(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

Don't worry, Total War Saga: Troy will feature the infamous Trojan horse scene after all, developer Creative Assembly Sofia has confirmed. 

Initial reports suggested that the upcoming game wouldn't feature a literal Trojan horse, which is one of the most famous battle stories probably of all time. However, in an interview with GamesRadar, the developer has confirmed that the game will in fact do the Trojan horse justice. 

"We have more than one Trojan horse," explains Maya Georgieva, game director on Total War Saga: Troy. "We've followed this direction to go behind the myth, so we were obliged to find [real world] explanations for everything [in the game]. We, of course, cannot omit the Trojan horse in a Total War setting."

"So, we had to decide between the three most plausible explanations. In the end, we decided to have them all. So we have three Trojan horses, and three different interpretations of the Trojan horse within the game."

"One of them is the classic one, which is the gift of the Greeks. You get to play this gambit with Odysseus, who basically props up a ship with a horse head - this is period-appropriate actually - full of gifts and hidden warriors. They open the gates of Troy and then you'll play a variant of this map that is with this setting."

"The full map of Troy itself," adds Milcho Vasilev, senior designer, "can be very different, depending on the way you deal with the Trojan horse."

So there you have it. Not one iteration, but three different interpretations of how exactly the legendary Trojan horse tactic would have worked back in the Bronze ages, all of which you can play through yourself when Total War Saga: Troy lands later this year. 

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