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How to play Final Fantasy XIII in Japanese with English subtitles!

Whether its movies, anime, or videogames, I always prefer subtitles with the original spoken language over English dubs. I don’t want to watch Run Lola Run in Spanish. I don’t want to hear English actors in my anime. And if I had a choice, I totally would have played Final Fantasy XIII in Japanese with English subtitles and menus.

That’s why I was frustrated that the option to select the original Japanese voice acting was missing in my copy of Final Fantasy XIII – and that’s why I’m kicking myself for not knowing that the Chinese version of Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3 lets you do just that. According to Japanator, the Chinese version of the game works with the North American/PAL save game feature – and lets you play the game with the original Japanese voice work, English subs, and English menus.

Above: This is how Final Fantasy XIII was supposed to sound

I know I’m right for preferring subs to dubs every time. But I know that there are tons of fans out there who prefer English dubs. So which camp do you fall in? Do you like your anime and games subtitled with the original Japanese voice acting? If so, you’re totally right.

Or maybe you’re the type of person who prefers to hear everything in English. If that’s the case, feel free to explain why you’re totally wrong in the comments below.


Jun 23, 2010