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Horizon Zero Dawn is only $20 on Amazon - just in time for the Frozen Wilds DLC

With Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds out in the...well, wild, there’s no better time to treat yo self to a copy of Guerrilla’s open world masterpiece. And now it’s a whole $20 off on Amazon. That saves you $20.25, meaning you can potentially own one of the best games of 2017 for half the usual price. What are you doing still reading this?! Grab it while you can! 

Buy it now:  Pick up Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 for only $19.99 on Amazon

Horizon Zero Dawn, for those of you who want me to paint a beautiful picture before you commit to joining Aloy on her quest, takes place in the future. Incredibly, dizzyingly far into the future. So far, in fact, that the world has gone through an apocalypse, and the post-apocalypse, and is now in the post-post apocalypse phase. What that means is that humanity has adjusted to the radical change in the Earth’s environment and are settled in a new world, where the events of the past have retreated into myth. 

Oh, and there are robot animals prowling throughout the land. No big deal. These humans are entirely used to them, hunting the bags of bolts for resources - but an odd epidemic has turned the usually docile machines hostile. Deadly, in fact. Enter Aloy. From a young age she’s been an outcast from the Nora tribe, but isn’t exactly the kind of person to back down. Ever. As you’ll soon find out for yourself, should you choose to buy Guerrilla’s masterpiece while it’s been slashed in price. 

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