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Here’s the best Spider-Man: Homecoming spoiler-y secrets, from a returning familiar face to previously unseen villains

The Spider-Man: Homecoming embargo has been lifted and, with it, comes a fresh batch of secrets that the trailers and promos haven’t revealed, from a welcome return of a MCU legacy member, to who Donald Glover is playing, and even the guy behind one of gaming’s most iconic villains joining the MCU as a well-known baddie. Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming follow…

That sure does sound like a lot so let’s break it down piece-by-piece (via CBM). First things first, Pepper Potts is back! Yep, Gwyneth Paltrow may have missed out in Captain America: Civil War but she’s back in Homecoming.  No word yet on if she’s back together with Tony Stark, but there’s bound to be an awkward interaction or two.

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For a movie that’s given a lot away in its trailers, we’ve seen precious little about Donald Glover’s character but, finally, he’s been revealed as Aaron Davis. That name may not mean a lot to anyone outside of comic book fans but, don’t fret, Aaron Davis is the identity of The Prowler, a criminal with some very interesting ties to another potential MCU character. Long story short, he’s Miles Morales’ uncle (yep, that guy at the end of the Spider-Man PS4 E3 trailer) and even indirectly led to his nephew becoming the next Spider-Man. The seeds are being sewn for Spidey sequels already…

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If one new villain wasn’t enough, how about potentially three more? The man behind Far Cry 3’s iconic Vaas, Michael Mando, is taking his whole brand of crazy and applying it to Mac Gargan aka The Scorpion. And that’s not all: the casting lists not one but two Shockers. Talk about an electric cast.

So, four previously unknown villains, and Pepper Potts making a comeback. Wowsers. Marvel are pulling out all of the stops.

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