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Destiny's Refer-A-Friend is out next week. Here's how you qualify

Oh look, another great excuse to use the word Kinderguardians. Bungie has announced that its Refer-A-Friend program kicks off on Monday 23rd of November. Destiny's new dance and high five emotes were leaked last week as rewards for playing with a freshly plucked Guardian to the game but now we know a little more.

"The Holiday season is rolling in like a cold-weather front," says Bungie's update. "With it, many Kinderguardians will join us in the Tower to find shelter from the cold of winter – and, just maybe, the friendship needed to survive a Quest. Take one under your mighty wing of Light and we’ll reward your mentorship."

But what constitutes a new Guardian when this starts on Monday? "To participate, you’ll need to find the Tango to your Cash. Currently active Guardians will be considered Veterans, and people purchasing/playing Destiny: The Taken King for the first time will be considered Referral candidates," says the post. "Stay close to for more information when the Refer-A-Friend program launches next week."

Yep, even if you just started ahead of Monday's release, it looks like you're a veteran now. In theory there's probably nothing to stop you signing in on another user account and going through the process with a Veteran and then doing it again so you can both get the goods but perhaps finding a new Kinderguardian would be easier. We'll know more soon. All I can say is I really want that high five.

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Louise Blain
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