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Here's EVERY Nintendo Switch game in the Prime Day 2018 sale

Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch game deals

Nintendo Switch isn't even a year and a half yet but it already has a very healthy library of games, and there are a bunch of Amazon Prime Day offers out there to help you fill out any holes in your collection. You'll find straight-up discounts on several games as well as bundle deals, but make sure you claim whatever you're interested in quick - many of these deals are going fast.

These Amazon Prime Day deals run until midnight Tuesday July 17 and are only available to Amazon Prime subscribers. If you're not one yet then there's always the 30 day free trial for Prime - you can sign up for that, get the deals and a whole month to try the service and then cancel it if you want. (Keeping the things you bought cheap, importantly.)

Here are all the Nintendo Switch games currently in the Amazon Prime Day sales. 

Please note: UK deals are at the top with the US deals at the bottom. Just look for the flags, you'll work it out.   

US deals for Nintendo Switch games on Amazon Prime Day

UK deals for Nintendo Switch games on Amazon Prime Day

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