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Help us guess the game on the mystery memory stick

It's not uncommon to get sent game images and videos on a memory stick - but today we've recieved a memory stick which contains two very cryptic 'clues'. A weird audio file and a text doc. What can it all mean?

Is this a PR stunt for a big, unannounced game or is it a way of drummingup coverage for a lesser one? Help us work it out.

The text file reads like this (the first letters of each word spell CIPHER)







The audio file is this:

Mystery audio file (00:01:15)

So then game detectives, what do you think? Is it to do with Splinter Cell? A new Bond game? Alpha Protocol? The Agency? Rockstar's Agent? Or are we barking up the wrong tree entirely?

Let us know in the comments below, onFacebookor via ourTwitterfeed...

I hate the 267.