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Halo Infinite developer apologizes over lack of pre-load

Halo Infinite multiplayer
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

The developer of Halo Infinite has apologized for the lack of a pre-load, and revealed a tip to reduce the game's download size. 

Following the reveal of Halo Infinite's file size, community director Brian Jarrard apologized for the lack of pre-load and suggested that players should download the multiplayer beta ahead of the campaign's full release today to lessen the download time. Halo Infinite will officially release today (December 8) at 10:00 PT/13:00 ET/18:00 GMT. 

According to the original tweet, those starting with the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta installed will only need to download the multiplayer update (3.97GB) and the campaign installation (25.86GB) - bringing the overall download down to just 29.83GB all together. However, if you don’t have the multiplayer beta already installed on your PC or console, you will need to download both the multiplayer and campaign which comes in at 48.42GB. 

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In other Halo Infinite news, 343 Industries community manager John Junyszek recently took to Twitter to reveal that new Halo Infinite playlists are coming this year, just not in time for the game's campaign launch. According to Junyszek's tweet, three new playlists are planned including Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (SWAT), and Free-For-All playlists.

Whilst you’re busy downloading the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, why not also update your Xbox Series X theme as Microsoft is currently offering a free Halo Infinite dynamic background exclusively for the next-gen Xbox console. The dynamic theme features the Halo Infinite box art however also contains subtle animations that bring the artwork to life. 

Just can’t wait to reunite with Master Chief? Take a look at our Halo Infinite review to get even more excited. 

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