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Halo Infinite box art: Check out the new look (and make it your wallpaper)

Halo Infinite box art
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The new Halo Infinite box art has been revealed, and it will look familiar if you've been playing since the beginning.

Developer 343 Industries shared the iconic image for Halo Infinite on the official Halo Waypoint forums in a variety of sizes. The art puts Master Chief front and center, staring down the camera with an assault rifle in hand. Behind him we see the idyllic landscape of a ringworld punctuated by a wrecked ship and alien architecture, and further in the distance we can see the ring is fractured at various points.

It's a direct homage to the Halo: Combat Evolved box art - most of those details could also be used to describe the art for the 2001 original, aside from the part where the ringworld is all broken (that comes later). Also, the Chief's visor has somehow become even more impossibly shiny. Here's the Halo Infinite box art in the more traditional box-shaped form, if you want to picture how it will look on your shelf.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The box art drop comes just one day before the Halo Infinite campaign reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase event. Microsoft is teasing our most substantial look at the game yet, which is good, since we've been waiting for years and it's finally set to arrive alongside Xbox Series X in time for the holidays. The event is expected to go for an hour and focus exclusively on new Xbox games from first-party developers, which should give plenty of time to learn more about Halo (and hopefully a bunch of unannounced titles).

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