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Goonies 2 a no go

The Goonies

Goonies fan? Scared to death Hollywood’s going to squat all over your favourite movie by either producing a remake or a sequel?

Well have no fear, original Goonie Josh Brolin has confirmed that while a script exists for a Goonie follow-up, there are no plans to actually make it.

Speaking with Extra , the actor said:

"I saw Steven Spielberg on the street about a month and a half ago, and I asked the reality. I hear there is a script, yes, but there's no talk about doing a Goonies sequel at this very moment.”

"And that's the first time I've been truthful about that answer... ever."

First off – he bumped into Spielberg in the street? We want to live on that street! Secondly, we’d love to get our hands on that sequel script, just to see what the heck is in it (Goonie babies? Sloth babies?).

Still, this is good news at least for sequel-phobes. Now we just have to start worrying that in a world where a remake of The Karate Kid gets to number one at the box office, The Goonies could just be next on the re-do list.

Our response to that? Well, this…

Do you want a Goonies 2 ?