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How to survive the God of War Muspelheim challenges, which are literally trials by fire

God of War Muspelheim

If you want to unlock some rare materials, you’ll need some God of War Muspelheim tips to survive the challenges ahead. These late game combat trials are far from easy, with each trial getting increasingly difficult as you progress. Surviving these God of War Muspelheim challenges without turning into a cinder takes skill and perseverance... and a good guide surely can’t hurt, either. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered there, giving you some top tips for one of Kratos’ most challenging trials to date. In fact, the first test is actually getting to Muspelheim, which requires tracking down four hidden ciphers – don’t worry, we’ll help with that too.

If you happen to be level 6 or 7 in God of War and are ready to earn yourself some sexy rare crafting materials like Smoldering Ember (ooohhh), the Crest of Flame (ahhh!) and even some special fire armor (!), then you’ve come to the right place. With Kratos’ seminal adventure now free to PS5-owners with the PS Plus Collection games, here’s how to survive these fiery challenges and earn yourself some rare rewards on your shiny new PS5.

Check out our God of War Muspelheim tips in the video below:

God of War Muspelheim Trial 1

  • Reward - 8 Smouldering Ember and Hacksilver

Each trial initially has two stages: a normal and a hard level. Challenge number one’s normal difficulty gives you 3 minutes to kill 15 enemies. There’s nothing too hard here, just keep attacking, using your Runic abilities to deal heavy damage and brutal attacks for quick kills if you get the chance. You’ll earn three Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver for your troubles. The hard level has you facing three waves of enemies that will keep respawning if any are left alive, so you have to kill them in quick succession. There’s no time limit here, so just stay alive and try to lower everyone’s health equally before killing them all in one go. You’ll get five Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver. 

God of War Muspelheim Trial 2

  • Reward - 13 Smouldering Ember and Hacksilver

At the normal level you just have to stay alive for five minutes, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. There are a lot of fast moving and quick attacking enemies though, plus a lot of projectiles, so keep moving and try not to get surrounded. You’ll get five Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver when the time’s up. The hard level has enemies that heal instantly, making them very hard to kill. The thing to do here is use your fists and Atreus’ blue arrows to stun and then brutally kill them because no one’s healing a crushed head. Brutal killing everything is a good technique to master for later as well, so get the practice in now. You’ll get eight Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver.   

God of War Muspelheim Trial 3

  • Reward - 13 Smouldering Ember and Hacksilver

The easy version of number three has an ‘Elite’ enemy that is invulnerable while his allies are alive. Make sure you know who he is so you’re not wasting attacks, and dodge the explosive charges he fires into the ground as they limit your vision. Kill the minions as they appear and hurt the Elite in between. You’ll get eight Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver this time. The hard version only counts kills inside special circles that move around, and against a timer. Avoid dealing final blows outside marked areas, and watch for when they move. It’s useful to use lock on to dodge around enemies and and attack them into the circle for a kill. Completing this will earn you five Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver.

God of War Muspelheim Trial 4

  • Reward - 13 Smouldering Ember and Hacksilver

The normal version of this trial is sort of easy. Just kill 100 enemies. No time limits, no tricks, just a bodycount. There’s not even any difficult enemies, although be careful of the heavy sword-wielding Travellers. As only numbers count, you can even just avoid them and focus on the easier guys. You’ll get eight Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver for the full 100. The hard level is also fairly easy: don’t let anything capture Atreus. Just keep hammering anyone that goes near him and this will take care of itself. You’ll get five Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver for keeping him safe.

God of War Muspelheim Trial 5

  • Reward - 24 Smouldering Ember and Hacksilver

Trial five is a good time to practice those brutal kills again as you have a minute on the clock and can only extend it by killing things. Get your fists out and spam Atreus’ blue arrows to pull off instant kills, and avoid lengthy fights. Watch out for the Soul Devourer at the end though as he’ll take some time to down. You’ll get 12 Smouldering Ember and some Hacksilver for all that slaughter. The hard version has you kill 20 enemies without taking damage. Just be careful here, there’s no time limit so take it slow using axe throws and runic attacks to keep your distance and only risk getting close if you have space to single someone out. You’ll get 12 Smouldering Ember, some Hacksilver and probably a mild breakdown after all that. 

God of War Muspelheim Trial 6

  • Reward - 20 Smouldering Ember, 3 Crest of Flame and Hacksilver

This is it, the final challenge. For now. At the top of the mountain you’ll find a valkyrie who’s a tough boss to beat because she has a lot of devastating attacks. Use Atreus to shoot her down whenever she starts an attack in the air as it’s unblockable otherwise. There’s also a high damage fire splash to dodge, and an area of effect attack when she stabs the ground with her spear. And, for the love of God, whenever she shouts Valhalla and launches herself into the air dodge constantly, as she comes down with a brutal neck stomp that will often finish Kratos off. Basically just dodge, watch for unblockable red attacks and look for windows post-attack when she’s vulnerable. Survive, and you’ll find two chests that will get you 20 Smouldering Ember, 3 Crest of Flame and a load of Hacksilver. 

God of War Trials of Surtr

  • Max reward (gold level) - 50 Smouldering Ember, 20 Crest of Flame, 12 Greater Crest of Flame and 5 Crest of Surtr, enchantments and Hacksilver

And that’s how to complete the Muspelheim challenges. The first time. With these challenges done you’ll find all the swords reappear, with different versions of everything you’ve done so far, and a new single difficulty level of Impossible. The good news is that as well as 12 Smouldering Ember, you now earn keys for completing challenges and only need three to reach the final objective called Surtr’s Hidden Trials at the summit. This will be a different extended challenge each time and will reward you depending on how you do with bronze, silver and gold levels. A gold level completion will net you 50 Smouldering Ember, 20 Crest of Flame, 12 Greater Crest of Flame and 5 Crest of Surtr, as well as enchantments and tons of Hacksilver. This, along with Niflheim’s maze, is where you’ll be grinding to craft and upgrade all the best level armour in the game, so get used to lava. 

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