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Ghost Recon: Wildlands' DLC situation is a bit complicated, here's what's free and what isn't

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is out tomorrow, but that's just the start: meta-objectives, expansions, all-new PvP modes, and more are all coming to the game in the weeks and months after its debut. Sounds nice, but what all can you expect to get for free and what will you need to pay extra for? Read on to find out.

Here's what you get for free

A PvP mode: An update coming in "a few months" will add Wildlands' very first PvP mode, setting two teams of four Ghosts against each other. Ubisoft didn't confirm any additional details but the little snippet from the trailer shows elimination-style "2 vs 3" messages and an "Intel" objective, which indicates it's not just a straight-up deathmatch. If the PvP mode lets you take advantage of the same open-world approaches that the main game does (helicopter assault, stealthy infiltration, long distance sniping, et cetera) it could be pretty cool.

Challenges: Ubisoft will introduce different Challenges after the game goes live, with each "season" telling a short story for players to follow based on the objectives. Some will require solo play, while others will need a full task force or even community collaboration.

Unidad Conspiracy missions (if you played the alpha/beta): As a reward for playing the alpha or beta for Wildlands, and then playing the full game any time before March 31, you'll receive a free extra set of missions. These ones focus on hunting down a leader of the Unidad faction called El Comandante, which is a fantastic name for a criminal leader.

Here's what you get in the season pass

A 5 percent XP boost: Your Ghost will be just a little bit quicker on the uptake than everyone else. Unless they have the season pass, too.

Narco Road DLC expansion: Sometimes going undercover means compromising your values and doing horrible things to maintain your cover, all theoretically for the greater good. Sometimes it means driving monster trucks off cliffs to prove you're macho enough to join a drug cartel (so you can take it down from the inside). This DLC explores the latter option.

Fallen Ghosts DLC expansion: The life of a Ghost isn't all fast times and monster trucks! Sometimes your chopper gets shot down deep in the wilderness and you need to fight your way out through scores of well-paid mercenaries. Sounds like a more grounded, survival-focused experience than the high-flying main game.

Extra missions: The season pass also includes access to the Unidad Conspiracy Missions (no beta playtime needed) and the Peruvian Connection Pack, which is otherwise a pre-order bonus.

In-game items and boosts: Three faction-themed packs will give your ghost extra weapons and gear, and you'll also get the keys to the fabulous Bolivian Minibus. Last but not least, you'll get a one-time-use XP booster that will help you and your squad level up faster (on top of the flat 5 percent boost you get for owning the season pass).

Here's what you can buy outside the pass

Customization options: Wildlands will have an in-game store for buying new stuff like weapons, attachments, vehicles, and clothing. Ubisoft says the microtransaction-exclusive equipment will "always be balanced with the gear that can be found in-game".

That's all the major DLC we know about so far. I'll update this list with any more that turn up before Wildlands comes out on March 7.

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