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Ghost of Tsushima dev seeks a new writer to tell "character-driven stories in an open-world game"

Ghost of Tsushima
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Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions is recruiting a new senior games writer for its "next project" and says the ideal candidate "has success telling impactful, character-driven stories in an open-world game".

"They will have the skills to craft emotional stories, memorable characters, and strong dialogue while collaborating with the writing team and other designers to advance our storytelling at Sucker Punch," the job listing says, suggesting the candidate should also be able to support voice recording sessions and the casting process.

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Sucker Punch Productions - which is part of the SIE Worldwide Studios family - is best-known for games like Sly Cooper and Ghost of Tsushima. This is the latest in a line of recent recruitment advertisements that hint at what's next for the studio. 

Last October, a job listing at Sucker Punch wanted someone to write stories set in feudal Japan, the same setting Ghost of Tsushima used. Then last month, a second job listing gave credence to a sequel being in development, seeking out someone with experience using Ghost of Tsushima's "core combat systems".

ICYMI, a Ghost of Tsushima PS5 game could have been inadvertently revealed by a Sucker Punch developer. A cinematic video producer for Ghost of Tsushima recently wrote on his Linkedin page that he was "presently working on a Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PS5." Shortly afterward, this line in the 'About' section of Molloy's LinkedIn profile was removed entirely.

It also wouldn't be a surprise considering the astounding success of the new game. It sold upwards of 1.9 million copies in under a month when it originally launched last year, and as of November 2020, Ghost of Tsushima had surpassed five million copies sold around the world.

To see what we made of Sucker Punch's 2020 samurai epic, head over to our Ghost of Tsushima review for more.

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