Geometry Wars 2 all but confirmed, multiplatform indicated

A sequel to the Xbox Live Arcade shooter Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved has been listed by Australian ratings group OFLC, providing extremely strong evidence that a follow-up is on the way.

Retro Evolved 2, which was submitted by Geometry Wars dev Bizarre Creations's new owner Activision, was issued a 'G' rating by the Australian group today.

Activision UK was unavailable for comment when we picked up the phone.

Liverpool-based developer Bizarre previously hinted at a proper sequel, telling CVG: "there's a lot going on [with Geometry Wars on Wii and mobile], but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about the Xbox 360..."

Interestingly though, the second game has been classified as a 'multiplatform' release, so it might not be limited to just Xbox Live Arcade (that's if it's even a download game).

Can't effing wait.

Courtesy of CVG

Apr 3, 2008