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Game music of the day: GoldenEye 007

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Game: GoldenEye 007

Song: Control Station

Composer: Norgate, Kirkhope, Beanland

Last week Perfect Dark made the leap to Xbox Live Arcade, and judging by the review scores and general fan reaction, Rare's 10-year-old FPS still holds up. Perfect Dark was always billed as a spiritual successor to the N64 classic GoldenEye, which is how I plan to awkwardly segue into today's track.

GoldenEye was notable not just for its addictive and unparalleled multiplayer, but also its elaborate, stealth-heavy campaign that played like nothing else on the so-called "Fun Machine." This particular track is indicative of most of the game's music - freakishly upbeat and toe-tappingly catchy, not at all what you'd expect in a super-spy shoot 'em up.

If you're among the millions of former GoldenEye fans, be sure to check the GoldenEye: Source project that's updating the N64 original with fancy new graphics. Hopefully it's not yet another game that'sshut down in the final hour.

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