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Free Guy stars Ryan Reynolds as a random NPC in a video game

In a new trailer, Free Guy gives free will to an insignificant NPC in a violent video game, no longer content with leaving video game extras helpless as protagonists and antagonists alike leave them bruised and bloodied in their wake.

Starring Ryan Reynolds as the newly-woke AI, Free Guy is a bit like Truman Show with a video game spin, and the video game looks a lot like Grand Theft Auto. When an NPC discovers his peripheral role in an open-world video game nearing extinction, he decides to use his immortal powers to intervene and decide his own destiny. It's like one big inside joke for gamers, and with the reliably entertaining Reynolds leading the cast, Free Guy has potential.

Free Guy also stars Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Taika Waititi, Channing Tatum, and Lil Rey Howery. Stranger Things director Shawn Levy is assuming directorial duties, having previously directed Cheaper by the Dozen, Night at the Museum, and Date Night. Zak Penn and Matt Lieberman penned the script, with Penn's prior writing credits including The Avengers and Lieberman having co-wrote 2019's The Addams Family and Playing With Fire.

Reynolds recently sang Free Guy's praises at New York Comic Con (via EW), telling the crowd, "I haven’t been this fully immersed and engaged in something since Deadpool."

Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, told NYCC that like Stranger Things, Free Guy has "a sense of heart and a real sense of character." 

"[Director Shawn Levy] instilled the same thing in this movie. It has the background of the video game but at the end of the day it’s really a character piece and for all of us as actors, that’s the best thing to work on. That’s all you can ask for out of a piece," Keery said.

Free Guy is set to hit theaters worldwide on July 3, 2020.

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