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First Teaser Poster for Iron Man 2!

The first official teaser poster for one of 2010's biggest hitters has finally gone online.

For those not lucky enough to go to Comic Con, Iron Man 2 has had a more secretive production than the all-out promotional blitz its predecessor had.

Now you can finally get a first glimpse of War Machine, the metal-suited alter ego of Don Cheadle's James Rhodes.

He looks (iron) suitably impressive, and surely a mind-blowing full-length trailer can't be far off!

Director Jon Favreau has also revealed that Robert Downey Jr. has had a considerable hand in the script.

Favs claims: "Robert is a real partner in the process. He's been very involved in the screenplay".

"Even in the first film, where he was originally a hired gun playing the role, he really stepped up to rewrite scenes- he's a great writer, too. So we are really sharing responsibilities".

Promising news indeed, especially as much of the success of the first film was down to Downey Jr. bringing his own (not inconsiderable) charm to the role of billionaire playboy-turned-avenger Tony Stark.

Source [ Yahoo and FirstShowing ]

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