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First Art From Frank Millers Xerxes

The new graphic novel from the comics genius behind The Dark Knight Returns and 300

Thank God Frank Miller is getting back to what he does best. After his disastrous solo debut as a film director on the near universally-derided The Spirit (we hear some guy in Droitwich who lives with his mum thinks it was quite cool) he’s returned to writing and drawing comics. His latest project in Xerxes , a prequel to The 300 , and guess what? 300 director Zack Snyder is already developing the movie version.

Quick history of Xerxes: he rose to power in fifth-century-BC Persia and became known as The King of Kings, eventually raising and leading a massive army intent on ruthlessly destroying the hated Greeks who killed his father. He had a serious case of hubris and believed he could become a god.

Speaking to The Los Angeles Times Miller reveals, “The time frame begins ten years before 300 , and the story starts with the Battle Of Marathon, which was killer to draw, by the way, even if it was a lot of work. The lead character is Themistocles, who became warlord of Greece and built their navy. The story is very different than 300 in that it involves Xerxes' search for godhood. The existence of gods are presupposed in this story and the idea is that he’s well on his way to godhood by the end of the story. The new tale climaxes with a massive naval confrontation that is so dense that it is fought like a land war and it ends on the same day as the events of 300.”

Miller describes Themistocles as “the complete opposite of Leonidas,” but teases that the 300 character will make a cameo.

The image is available to buy as a lithograph directly from Dark Horse Comics .