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Festive Dead Space 2 Christmas video makes with the lolZ. Also, totally hates vents

Vents, huh, yeah. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing… except the useful circulation of oxygen. Granted, that’s definitely one in the plus column for the humble air vent. But you can also stick ‘houses flesh-eating space beasties’ right in the con column. We can see why Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke hates the glorified wall holes so much. See him give one what for (courtesy of a B. Buttercup-pleasing unicorn) in the festive Dead Space 2 video below.

So, the next time you fear you might be attacked by vent-dwelling, undead aliens at your place of work, just think of our beloved equine-obsessed editor and grab a big-ass piece of plywood...

Happy holidays, survival horror lovers! Oh, and Dead Space 2 hits shops January 25th.

Source: CVG

Dec 20, 2010