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Far Cry Primal gets two special editions but do they rock?

We've seen plenty of exciting stone age action from Far Cry Primal and it's time to check out the two special editions that'll be ready on February 23rd for console and March 1st on PC.

Pictured above is the £64.99 Collector's Edition which comes with a copy of the game, an exclusive Collector's box with sabretooth opening, an official Wenja phrasebook full of useful sentences of the language created for the game to confuse everyone, a steelbook case, a map of Oros and a copy of the soundtrack and language audio recordings.

The digital content included has a pack of 'Legend Of The Mammoth' missions, an unbreakable bony weapon called the Blood Shasti Club and four enhancement packs which will give early access to rare resources and unique customisations. The Mammoth missions will deliver up to 45 minutes of additional gameplay and the chance to play as a stompy hairy elephant.

Yes, seriously, you get to play as the Mammoth and take on enemies such as a "powerful rhino spirit" and bloodthirsty hunters. Sadly none of these missions appear to be called From Tusk Til Dawn.

The second special edition available will be the Digital Apex Edition which we don't have a price for yet but includes the standard game and just the digital content. Presumably this version is cheaper so it all depends how much you want to spend and just how how much you want that physical stone age merch.... You can preorder the Collector's Edition here.

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Louise Blain
GR+ news lead Louise can often be found watching horror, drinking coffee and beating you at The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.