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Fallout: New Vegas character build guide

Every now and again it’s fun to just want play a character that is about as non-violent as possible. Oh sure, it might not have the charm of finishing every battle with a slo-mo decapitation due to a shotgun blast to the face, but there’s something special about conning people out of their money or seducing everything on two legs. If you really want to experience all of the dialogue in the game this is the build for you.

Just remember that some of the dialogue trees will require certain skills at particular levels. So if you want to convince someone to hand over some explosives you’ll have to have a fairly high Explosives rating to talk them into it. As such it may be to your advantage to play through the game once, beating down all enemies in your path, and taking note of what skills you require in each conversation. Then simply raise up your stats to meet the requirements for each conversation and talk your way through life.

Strength: 4
Perception: 5
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 9
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 5
Luck: 5

Tagged Skills



Good Natured
Four Eyes


Intense Training +1 INT
Black Widow / Lady Killer
Cherchez La Femme / Confirmed Bachelor
Terrifying Presence
Animal Friend (Rank 2)
Tag! (Weapon skill of choice)
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The main purpose of this build is to enable you to use basically every single dialogue option you can during the course of the game. If you can seduce someone into siding with you, use your speech to convince someone to pay you more caps and Terrifying Presence will let you intimidate your way through many encounters. Last but not least Animal Friend at Rank 2 will make the animals in the Wasteland take your side, acting as body shields against Deathclaws or Raiders.

For the rest of your perks it’s in your best interest to fixate completely on perks that will boost up the weapon skill of your choice. Consult the other various builds here to find out what perks can help you with each weapon type and then just focus entirely on that. It’s very possible to make, for example, a chatty negotiator who picks up some Brotherhood Power Armor and a Super Sledge when it comes time to bash in some faces.

Partners: Boone, Veronica.

Above: Ya know, he looks like an awful Gordon Freeman.

A build like this has one purpose and one purpose alone: to get into places nobody wanted you to get. Stealing things, sneaking up on enemies for criticals or just using your stealth to assassinate the crap out of your enemies are just secondary to getting where you’re not supposed to be. It’s actually possible with a talented enough build to get into enemy compounds, complete your objective and then get out without killing any enemies.

When it comes to actually fighting enemies you’ve got a few options. If you choose to go melee you can sneak up on enemies and chop at a vulnerable spot, like their legs. With guns you can just shoot them in the back of the head with a silenced weapon to take them out quickly. But really if you’re going sneaky you might as well enjoy it – get your hands on as many explosive munitions as you can. Set mines in the path of enemies, plop ticking explosives into an enemy’s pocket and just generally blow them to pieces.

Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 7 (+1 from Small Frame)
Luck: 7

Tagged Skills



Small Frame
Good Natured


Friend of the Night
Travel Light
Demolition Expert
The Professional
Quick Draw
Night Person
Hit the Deck
Robotics Expert
Silent Running
Splash Damage
Light Step
Tag! Guns or Energy Weapons
Laser Commander (if using Energy Weapons)

Taking a look at this build you can clearly see one of the primary purposes of the perks: making you an absolute beast at night. Friend of the Night makes it easier for you to see during the nighttime hours which are when you should be actively moving around the Wasteland or dungeons. Night Person will help you with this as well by making it easier for you to detect enemies and shoot them from a good distance or sneak past them.

Other than that you’re basically focusing on making sure you character excels at using his small gun to destroy enemies. Sneaking up on enemies with the Silenced Sub-Machine Gun can do wonderful things especially if you’re capable of landing critical hits with any reliability. That and making sure that using your explosives will utterly devastate every enemy you hit, notably when you’re using mines.

Travel Light and Silent Running will make it much easier for you to get around the world. Since you’ll be wearing light armor most of the time anyways Travel Light will help you move around rapidly. When Travel Light is paired up with Silent Running this will allow you to move around rapidly while making no sound which makes it easier to get past enemies without having to even bother fighting them.

Partners: Since you'll be rolling solo so much in order to stay hidden, a character with a passive ability outside of combat like Arcade or Raul works well.