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You may get a Fallout 4 character in your next Fallout Shelter lunch box

You'll have to wait until November 10 to meet Preston Garvey and his delightfully anachronistic Laser Musket in Fallout 4, but you can recruit him right now in Fallout Shelter. Bethesda announced that Garvey, a member of the Commonwealth Minutemen, is now available as a Legendary Dweller.

That means the next time you open up a Lunchbox, whether you earn it by completing in-game goals or just buy it with real cash, Garvey could be one of the prizes inside. You can even give Garvey's Laser Musket to other dwellers if you'd rather keep him away from the radroaches and raiders; his near-perfect Perception score means he'd be a fine addition to your water purification facilities.

It sounds like Bethesda plans to fill out the Legendary Dweller ranks with more Fallout 4 characters (and also give us a steady drip of sweet Boston wasteland lore) in the weeks ahead. Until then you can work on collecting the previous Fallout characters that are already featured in the game - make sure you read our Fallout Shelter guide to make the most of their talents.

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