EXCLUSIVE Pushing Daisies' Narrator is More Than Just A Narrator

The creator/showrunner of one of the biggest new hits on Stateside TV this season, Bryan Fuller, exclusively reveals to SFX that he hopes one day to reveal the fictional identity of the show’s mysterious narrator.

“I would like him to turn out to be a character on the show," says Fuller of the unseen orator, whose voice is provided by former Carry On actor Jim Dale, "so that we get to see the point of view from which the stories are coming."

Pushing Daisies is a clever and colourful piece of hyperreal whimsy about a piemaker called Ned who can bring people back to life. Fuller continues: "Fairytales, I think, are fascinating because usually there is an omniscient narrator. But as this is a modern day fairy tale we can have a spin on that and see who is telling this story, and what their perspective is. And I know who, in my mind, is telling the story, and so I would like to reveal who he is. Maybe not in the second season, but eventually. Hopefully we will know when the show is going end so that we can sort that out clearly

Pushing Daisies starts airing in the UK on ITV1 in a prime time slot in a couple of months. There will be a feature on the show – including a full, exclusive interview with Bryan Fuller and a chat with the show's star Lee Pace, in SFX168, on sale 12 March.