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Bring out your inner villain when Evil Genius 2 comes to consoles and Game Pass next month

Evil Genius 2
(Image credit: Rebellion)

Evil Genius 2 comes to consoles next month on November 30.

Publisher Rebellion Entertainment just announced the console release date for Evil Genius 2 earlier today. When it eventually arrives next month, the supervillain management simulator will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and it'll also be available on the same date through Xbox Game Pass.

For those who pre-order Evil Genius 2 before it launches next month, there's three pre-order bonuses up for grabs on all platforms. You'll bag the Aurora Borealis item, which distracts both Agents and tourists alike, the Fountain of Youth, which gives all your minions stat boosts whenever they drink from it, and finally the Trojan Horse, which unlocks various evil schemes to complete across the world when placed in your lair.

If you're unfamiliar with Evil Genius 2, it's basically a supervillain management sim, where you act as the one true evil overlord of the world, sending out your henchmen to do your bidding and battle the forces of good, while upgrading your own supervillain lair. There's a brand new trailer for the newly-announced release date for the Evil Genius 2 console port, which you can watch right here.

Evil Genius 2 originally launched earlier this year in March for PC, and was supported shortly after launch by an entire season of DLC, including a new genius, lair, henchmen, and much more. For what we thought of Rebellion's sim earlier this year, you can check out our extended Evil Genius 2 preview for more.

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