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Epic Games Store gets self-service refunds for newly purchased games

(Image credit: Epic)

The Epic Games Store will now let you do self-service game refunds.

The new feature for the digital storefront went live this week, as outlined in the Epic Games Store's latest development update. A few stipulations mean you can't just go and liquidate your entire games library for some fast cash: all games are eligible for a refund within 14 days of purchase for any reason, but only if you've played them for less than two hours.

You also won't be able to refund games that you've been banned from, and Epic reserves the right to start revoking your refund requests if it suspects you're abusing the policy. If you've ever done an automated refund on Steam, this all probably sounds quite familiar.

To request a refund, you'll need to log in to your account on the Epic Games website, then click the "Account" menu in the upper right, and head to the "Transactions" tab. Click on the game title then select the "Refund" option - if the game is eligible, the funds will start making their way back to your original payment method.

Automation is nice, though you'll still be able to request refunds through the Epic Games Store's help page if you need. Back when I bought The Outer Wilds on EGS then decided to get it with Xbox Game Pass instead, it only took maybe 15 minutes for an agent to start my refund.

The new self-service refunds arrive alongside automatic partial refunds for Epic Games Store customers who buy games shortly before they go on sale. Is there such a thing as making it too easy to buy video games?

Speaking of which, the Epic Mega Sale has some pretty sweet deals right now.

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