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E3 2010: What Eminem, Lady Gaga and the BEP should sing at the Activision party

The Black-Eyed Peas, Eminem and Lady Gaga are all hotly tipped to be appearing at Activision's E3 presentation tonight. It's pretty damn obvious that BEP will start off with 'I Gotta Feeling'. And Eminem will probably do a track from DJ Hero. But why be so predictable? If we were the BEP, Eminem or Gaga (that's a hard one to imagine), we'd have some fun with the opportunity to add some industry commentary to the proceedings. Such as...

The Black-Eyed Peas

How about pointing out the apathy towards yesterday's Kinect show with a dedication to it of Where is the Love?

Or maybe a shout-out to the ex Infinity Ward members with Shut Up?

How about a lament at the flood of casual games that have taken over our beloved hobby?

Above: "Hey, mama /this game'ss*** and makes us blue, mama..."

Or the Apl Song, dedicated to iPhone to celebrate Activision's presence on the App store. "Every face got an iPhone this is my version /Check it out..."

Lady Gaga

Just Dance - dedicated through clenched teeth to the in-no-way-affiliated game that arguably made millions off name association.

Love Game - All she has to do is add an 's' on the end of the title and sing about loving games (potentially with an oversized joypad on her head) and she'll go down in gaming lore as a legend.

Above: Surely too good an opportunity to miss


Eminem could highlight the rivalry between Harmonix and Activision with My Band. Someone's got to own the music game space, right?

Or he could use the words to the final versein 8-Mile theme song Lose Yourself to solemnly point out just how much Microsoft has got riding on Kinect:

Above: "Feet fail me not - this may be the only opportunity that I got"

Or maybe just end verses of Stan with this: "Truly yours, your biggest fan, this is BAM!"

Got any more? Let us know in the comments

14 Jun, 2010

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