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E3 2010: Video of Nintendo 3DS shows off sexy 3D rather effectively

The big thing at E3 this year is Nintendo's 3DS. And the big thing about the 3DS is that it does 3D. It's playable on the showfloor, which is great for those at E3, but kind of sucks for the rest of us. But do not despair.

This video from gives a pretty good idea of how the 3D works and what it'll look like. The whole video's worth a watch, but I've taken the liberty of starting it at the optimum 3D moment. Have a looky:

Mmmmm. Sexy sexy 3D Mario Bros. We might not be able to appreciate any sticky-out third dimensional screen protrusions, but certainly the depth of field looks puh-ritt-ee sweet.

I really wish I'd been there. Playing 3DS. While it was chained to the warm, sweet-scented body of a woman.

June 18, 2010

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