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Driveclub announced for the PS4

The PS4's first exclusive racing title was announced at the Sony Meeting 2013, and it is called Driveclub from Revolution Studios. Thanks the the next generation console's astonishing processing power, the game features some of the most amazing details we have ever seen on a digitally created race car. The developers emphasized that all those detail will be seen up close and personal since the game will be a played entirely from the first person perspective.

But Driveclub isn't just about racing, it will also encourage players to join, challenge, and interact with driving clubs. The developers want players to create a vast social network of racing fans, and are enabling players to create and share challenges that can be played by anyone in the Driveclub network. The challenges can be shared directly through the PS4 or by using mobile devices.

No release date was announced yet, but be sure to check out more of our PS4 coverage coming out soon.