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Dragon Age: Origins - romance and recruitment guide

How to recruit: While traveling the World Map, Zevran’s team will eventually ambush you. After you defeat Zevran, choose to spare his life and he’ll join your party. It may ruffle the feathers of a few in your crew, but it sure beats killing off one of the better rogues at your disposal. Plus, Zevran swings both ways, so he’ll sleep with you whether you’re a male or female character.

In terms of romancing, Zavran’s pretty easy. Just be the seductress or seducer you know you are, and pepper him with gifts like Gold Bars whenever you find them. In particular, he likes the Antivan Leather Boots, found in the Iron Chest in the Village of Haven, and the Dalish Gloves, found in a chest in West Brecilian Forest. Talking to Zevran about his past will unlock the Assassin specialization, too.

You won’t need too high an approval rating to ultimately get with Zevran, and he won’t tie you down after your romance with all that lovey-dovey stuff, either.


Above: Manly love with Zevran

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