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Dragon Age Legends Facebook game is live

Now you can experience the lore of EA's successful Dragon Age franchise without spending a dime, thanks to a new Facebook game that opened up this week. It comes complete with turn-based combat, a new aesthetic design, and, of course, a unique social component.

While recruiting friends and working your way through numerous quests to build up your kingdom, you can collect items and upgrade your combatants. All the workings of an RPG are here, albeit in a scaled-down manner.

It's an opportunity for those who haven't played any of the Dragon Age titles to get a taste of what they're missing, but it's even more rewarding for those who own Dragon Age II. Completing quests in the browser-based adventure will unlock exclusive items for use in the PC and console games.

EA likes to stay on the bleeding edge of the industry, with a large and long-running collection of mobile titles and becoming one of the first major publishers to release games on iTunes. Its presence on Facebook will likely only continue to expand, with heavy-hitting series like Need for Speed, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and Battlefield already represented on the social networking platform.

You can check out Dragon Age Legendshere.

Mar 18, 2011

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