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Dragon Age 2 romance guide


Race: Elf
Class: Blood Mage
Specialization: Dalish Pariah
Role: Damager
Personality: Shy, self-conscious, demon sympathizer

Merrill is the cute, naïve little elven mage who just happens to dabble in demonic blood magic every now and then. As the First to the Sabrae clan’s Keeper, Marethai, you may recognize her from DA: Origins. Despite having such an important role, she’s surprisingly awkward around just about everyone.

Of all your other companions, Merrill clashes most with Fenris, who adamantly opposes most things related to magic. As you continue to pursue a romance with Merrill through acts 2 and 3, virtually all of your other companions will be offended by the courses of action you take during Merrill’s character-specific companion quests. If you’re concerned about that, it’s best to use Varric and Isabela at those times. In most cases they’re fairly apathetic to the whole blood magic thing.

Act 1

- You don’t have to worry about missing Merrill. She’ll join your party at the end of “Long Way Home” in the early goings of the game. Always make sure to be nice to her, and be accommodating to her blood-magic tendencies. This sympathy will often lead to clashes with your other party members, namely Anders and Fenris.

- The dialogue choice at the Sundermount barrier is the first of many involving Merrill that can alter your relationship with your other companions. Since Merrill isn’t officially in your party yet, and can’t be swayed in either direction, choose the bottom option to get a friendship boost with the other members. Also, don’t forget to complete the “Welcome Home” quest once you’ve recruited Merrill.

Act 2

- Once you’ve completed the “Blackpowder Courtesy” quest, you’ll have access to one of Merrill’s companion quests, “Mirror Image.” Talk to Merrill in her home and agree to help her to begin the quest (and earn yourself +15 friendship).

- Once you’ve defeated the varterral during the “Mirror Image” quest, make sure to select “Do you want some time?” or “Don’t blame yourself” when speaking to Merrill for a small friendship boost (+5). An even bigger boost comes from giving the arulin’holm to Merrill at the end of the quest (+15).

- After you’ve completed the above quest, visit Merrill at her home for a chance to flirt. If you’re at least halfway to full friendship at this point, you can also complete the “Questioning Beliefs” quest here. Head back to your mansion after that and Merrill will stop by for a visit if it’s nighttime. Make sure to ask her to move in with you.

- If you’ve now slept with Merrill and Isabela, you can trigger a fun little scene at the Hanged Man if you speak to the latter companion –

Gift #1 – Wooden Halla Carving

- You can pick up Merrill’s first gift at Master Ilen’s Shop in Sundermount. Visit Merrill at her home and give her the Wooden Halla Carving. The task nets you +15 towards friendship.

Act 3

Gift #2 – Sylvanwood Ring (Act 3)

- Merrill’s second gift, the Sylvanwood Ring, cab be looted from the corpse of the thief leader during the quest “A Murder of Crows.” To initiate this quest, speak to Nunico in Hightown. You don’t have to complete the quest if you don’t want – as soon as you enter Sundermount you’ll be ambushed by the thug who carries the ring.

- Even after you’ve reached 100% friendship and given Merrill both of her gifts, you’ll still need to do some leg work to see the romance through to the end. There are three more quests that need completing. Finish “A Talking To” and “On The Loose” then see Merrill at her old house and to unlock “A New Path,” Merrill’s final companion quest.

- It may go without saying, but during “A New Path” make sure to support Merrill’s decisions and stay on her side, even if it means killing anyone who stands in her way. Also make sure to let her know that the way things turned out wasn’t her fault.

- Finally, talk to Merrill at the Gallows Prison or in the Gallows Courtyard (depending on your end of game decision) during the “The Last Straw.” This will officially complete the romance, and give you the achievement/trophy.

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