Downloadable SingStar!

Tuesday 9 May 2006
Singstar, Sony's fantastic karaoke-beating sing-along game, will be released for PlayStation 3 and will allow gamers to personalise playlists by downloading their favourite songs.

The game will follow the same successful format but will be given an extra dimension thanks to online compatibility enabling gamers to download their favourite songs from the 300+ tracks of the previous games. New content will also be made available and the online SingStore will make suggestions of which tracks gamers should go for based on previous choices.

New skins and voice effects will also be made available.

Above: The SingStar online community will let you view other gamers' performances

As well as downloading content, budding SingStars will be able to upload content to an online community to show off snapshots, scores and performances all captured on EyeToy. This can also be uploaded to PSP, so performers can take highlights/lowlights with them wherever they go.

The next-gen SingStar will have a slick new design, and replacing the old black microphones will be a pair of silver ones, created to look identical to those used by today's singing superstars.