Doctor Who Christmas Special and Torchwood titbits (minor spoilers)

SFX interviewed Doctor Who production designer Edward Thomas yesterday, and while he remained commendably and loyally tight-lipped about the future of the universe (and boy did we try to prise stuff out of him) he did give us the following two tantalising titbits.

He described this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special – with Cybermen in Victorian England – as like a cross between Oliver and City of Lost Children, admitting that it gave him some huge design challenges: "There is snow in virtually every scene which is a headache when you’re shooting in bright sunlight in May."

He also says that while Torchwood season three will be shown on five consecutive nights over one week, like Criminal Justice is being aired at the moment, the current plan is for it to begin on a Sunday, rather than a Monday. However, BBC scheduling decisions are more than likely to change, so don’t take this as gospel.