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Doctor Who Series 8 Accumulator

Our new, regularly-updated round-up of everything we know about Peter Capaldi's first season as the Doctor. New information will be written in red. This update: all episode titles!

Welcome to the unique SFX Doctor Who News Accumulator, where we gather together all the reliable information we know about the 2014 series of the nation’s favourite television show. This page will deliciously fill up with all sorts of thrilling snippets of information as time passes.

Which monsters will be appearing? Who will the guest stars be? What will the episode titles be? What directors and writers will have the honour of getting the show on their CV? You'll learn it all here - we'll update the Accumulator the minute we get confirmed information.

First, some general news about what we know about series eight…

Shooting on the series will continue until August 2014. Block One filming (episodes 1 and 2) was in January/February, and Block Two shooting (episodes 4 and 5) in February/March. Block Three shooting (episodes 3 and 6) was in March/April. Block Four (episodes 7 and 8) shooting took place in May. Block Five (episode 9) was shot in June. Block Six (the series finale) filming is now underway after the readthrough on 12 June.

As of today (Tuesday 19 August) all episode titles have been announced. There are some corkers, including the pun-tastic "Robot Of Sherwood", the "Blink"-like "Listen", the Harold Pinter-like "The Caretaker", the Christmas Day afternoon movie-sounding "Mummy On The Orient Express", and "Dark Water", which reminds us of this classic public information film from the 1970s! Let's hope it's just as scary...

Episode One: "Deep Breath"

Doctor Who returns to our screens on Saturday 23 August with a feature-length episode! Time TBC. Check out an image and a teaser here .

Writer: Steven Moffat

Director: Ben Wheatley ( Kill List , Sightseers , A Field In England )

The story is set in the Victorian era and features the return of the Paternoster Gang (Silurian Madame Vastra, Jenny and Sontaran Strax). There are reports that the Doctor and Clara's relationship will be "spiky", at least initially.

Episode Two "Into The Dalek"

Director: Ben Wheatley

Episode Three "Robot Of Sherwood"

Mark Gatiss
(his seventh story for the show)

Director: Paul Murphy ( Wizards Vs Aliens , Brookside , Casualty )

This episode was filmed in late March, with Peter Capaldi roaming the streets of Cardiff with a slightly different outfit to the one we've already seen. The ep has a major Robin Hood theme.

Episode Four "Listen"

Writer: Steven Moffat

Director: Douglas Mackinnon ("The Sontaran Strategem", "The Poison Sky", "The Power Of Three", "Cold War")

Episode Five "Time Heist"

Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Keeley Hawes will play Ms Delphox, a powerful out of this world character with a dark secret...

Episode Six "The Caretaker"


Director: Paul Murphy

Episode Seven "Kill The Moon"

Director: Paul Wilmshurst

And here's an amusing exchange on Peter Harness's Facebook page:

PH: Mine, I think, might make people go "WTF?"!!
Steven Moffat: "... great, ambitious, challenging script. Half Hinchcliffe, half - .... well, they can wait and see, can't they?"

Episode Eight "Mummy On The Orient Express"

Director: Paul Wilmshurst

Episode Nine "Flatline"

The episode has been shooting in early June in Bristol, and Jenna Coleman has been seen waving a sonic screwdriver around!

Writer: Jamie Mathieson

Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Episode Ten "In The Forest Of The Night"

Episode Eleven "Dark Water"

Episodes eleven and twelve, which comprise the season finale, have recently been shooting in Cardiff and feature the Cybermen.

Writer: Steven Moffat

Director: Rachel Talalay

Episode Twelve "Death In Heaven"

Writer: Steven Moffat

Director: Rachel Talalay

Christmas Episode